Andrea Maranville never expected she would make it on the upcoming season of the Great American Baking Show. After applying last year, but failing to make it through, she wasn’t nearly as confident the second time around.

But back in August she and nine other contestants were selected to compete on the show and spent a full month taping and baking in the famous tent in London.

“The first episode, going into the tent was extremely overwhelming but I knew if I baked how I do at home and if I trusted my instincts and trusted myself that you know you never knew what was going to happen,” said Maranville.

Maranville grew up in Rome eating Italian Christmas cookies from her grandmother’s favorite bakery, Roman Pastry. The shop is no longer in business but those memories now inspire many of her desserts. 

Living in Sherrill with her husband and their two boys and two girls, baking has become a family affair.

“They get off the bus from school and they jump in and help me, help with the sprinkles and it’s really become a family event,” said Maranville.

She tries to share her love of baking and hopes other home cooks are never discouraged because even she wasn’t that good starting out.

“I went in with the mindset of you never know I wasn’t competing with anyone else but myself and I went in every day and did the best i possibly could,” said Maranville.

The latest season of the Great American Baking Show debuts Thursday, December 6 at 9:00 p.m. on NewsChannel 9 or your local ABC station.