Centro to resume service to some suburbs beginning September 27

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Centro will resume limited commuter service to Baldwinsville, North Syracuse, Central Square, the Henry Clay Corridor, and the Liverpool-Route 57 Corridor, effective Monday, September 27, according to Centro.

The additional trips include:

Sy 82 Baldwinsville       

Leaving Centro Hub                              Arriving Spruce / E Genesee

5:31am                         –>                    6:06am

7:10am                         –>                    7:45am

4:10pm                         –>                    5:07pm

4:40pm                         –>                    5:37pm

Leaving Spruce / E Genesee                  Arriving Centro Hub

6:06am                         –>                    7:00am

7:45am                         –>                    8:44am

5:07pm                         –>                    5:49pm

5:37pm                         –>                    6:14pm

Sy388 Central Square

Leaving Centro Hub                              Arriving Hungry Lane

5:21am                         –>                    6:00am

4:10pm                         –>                    5:02pm

Leaving Hungry Lane                            Arriving Centro Hub      

6:00am                         –>                    7:05am

5:02pm                         –>                    6:07pm

Sy 88 North Syracuse – Cicero

Leaving Centro Hub                              Arriving Wegmans

7:45am                         –>                    8:15am

4:00pm                         –>                    4:40pm

5:00pm                         –>                    5:40pm

Leaving Wegmans                                 Arriving Centro Hub

6:35am                         –>                    7:05am

8:15am                         –>                    8:55am

4:40pm                         –>                    5:10pm

5:37pm                         –>                    6:07pm

5:40pm                         –>                    6:10pm

Sy 86 Henry Clay Blvd                       

Leaving Centro Hub                              Arriving Wetzel Road

5:45am                         –>                    6:20am

7:40am                         –>                    8:15am

4:00pm                         –>                    4:41pm

5:00pm                         –>                    5:41pm

Leaving Wetzel Road                            Arriving Centro Hub

6:20am                         –>                    7:00am

8:15am                         –>                    8:55am

4:41pm                         –>                   5:18pm

5:41pm                         –>                    6:18pm

Sy 46 Liverpool – Route 57        

Leaving Centro Hub                              Arriving Wegmans Route 31

5:08am                         –>                    6:08am

4:10pm                         –>                    5:10pm

Leaving Wegmans Route 31                 Arriving Centro Hub

6:08am                         –>                    7:05am

5:10pm                         –>                    6:12pm

Additionally, Centro will add an early morning trip from the Centro Transit Hub to Onondaga Community College on its SY 26 South Avenue bus route.  The trip time is as follows:

Sy 26 South Ave

Leaving Centro Hub                              Arriving Onondaga Comm. College

7:15am                         –>                    7:50am

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