LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Kids in Central New York are back in school, and so are their germs. The good news is there’s not as much illness going around yet.

The start of fall means sniffle season is just beginning.

“We’ve seen some sickness so far, but not really any flu activity. We continue to see strep laryngitis. We’ve seen that all summer as well,” said Dr. Robert Dracker, Medical Director at Summerwood Pediatrics.

COVID-19 is also floating around more this year, but what isn’t so common right now is RSV. Dr. Dracker says the respiratory virus was so severe last year even older kids were getting sick.

“This year, though, we have an antibody injection that we will be giving to the children called Beyfortus which is given to children 8 months and less to protect the young child against RSV, so they don’t develop Bronchiolitis and need to be hospitalized,” Dr. Dracker said.

Immunity lasts six months once the child receives the shot. Those 8 months or younger can receive the RSV antibody at Summerwood Pediatrics.

“The other thing we’re doing this year is giving the bivalent COVID vaccine for children,” said Dr. Dracker.

Summerwood Pediatrics has already begun vaccinating against the flu, and soon, COVID-19 shots will be available. But there are other ways to protect yourself in addition to getting vaccinated.

“Reminding children they should wash their hands, especially before meals and playing with each other, even having the alcohol prep that you can use to decrease the viral transmission on your hands, and wearing masks if you’re sick,” said Dr. Dracker.

If you’re sick, stay home and prevent further illness from spreading.

Dr. Dracker says illness always picks up this time of year, but it’s hard to say what this year will look like.

If you would like to get your child vaccinated against COVID-19 or the flu, contact their primary care provider first.