SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The man who admitted to murdering two of his former colleagues at the Chili’s on Erie Boulevard in 2018 didn’t show remorse in his angry, profane and sexist rant in federal court Friday afternoon.

William Wood Jr. aimed his comments first at Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisa Fletcher, before interrupting Federal Judge Glenn Suddaby with more profanity.

While many in the courtroom were rattled, Judge Suddaby remained calm and said: “This conduct illustrates a disregard of others and disregard of human life.”

Suddaby sentenced Wood to life in prison, multiple times over, based upon an agreed-to plea agreement. Wood admitted to murdering Stephen Gudknecht and Kristopher Hicks as part of a robbery plot.

Wood’s defense attorney said he’s remorseful, working to be a better person after acts of violence in prison and blamed his actions on an intellectual disability caused by years of childhood lead poisoning.

The judge said Wood’s upbringing, “was not one which prepared you to be a functioning adult,” but “this does not excuse you from the choices you made.”

Wood’s federal sentence is added to his life sentence on state charges handed down by Onondaga County Court. Wood will serve his state sentence first, and if ever released, would be surrendered to federal custody to continue life in prison on the federal charges.

News cameras are not allowed in federal court, so there’s no recording of the proceedings.