Missing wedding band found at Luchsinger’s Christmas Tree Farm reunited with its owner

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(WSYR-TV) — We first told you about Luchsinger’s Christmas Tree Farm’s call for help on Tuesday morning. They were trying to find the rightful owner of a lost wedding band.

Through the power of social media, the ring has made it home.

It was two weeks ago when John Pond and his wife Flora went searching for the perfect Christmas tree at Luchsinger’s tree farm.

But, little did they know, he’d lost something so valuable along the way: his wedding band.

While we were there, I never realized it was gone until we got home, and I figured it was just gone so I never went back… didn’t know where it was so I just gave up on it.

John Flora

But miraculously, it was still at the tree farm, untouched, right where it fell off.

Luckily we sold out of Christmas trees early, so I was very happily cleaning up for the season and I moved everything and I was sweeping and I had a small pile of debris on the ground… and out of the corner of my eye, something caught my eye and I looked down and I reached it and it was his ring!

Erin Luchsinger Hull — Owner of Luchsinger’s Christmas Trees

Luchsinger then immediately posted photos of the ring on Facebook.

The post was shared more than 6,000 times and Luchsinger was able to find Mr. Pond to return the ring.

“I almost started crying, I was so excited to hear her,” said Luchsinger. “And she said, ‘I believe you have my husband’s ring…'”

Well, if you lose something, you don’t expect you’re ever going to find it, but we found it. And I thought it was a good experience and I don’t mind telling people because it’s something good in the way the world is going…

Flora Pond

John and Flora will celebrate 65 years of marriage this spring. They have five daughters and have lived in LaFayette since 1960.

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