SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Although the grass may be green at the moment, snow is inevitable and the city of Syracuse is making sure it’s prepared.

Mayor Ben Walsh held a briefing today addressing key topics, one being the topic of snow removal.

“There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to having effective snow removal operations,” Walsh said. “But what we are really proud of is each year we have taken a step in the direction of not only improving all of the components of the operations but putting them in a more sustainable position so we can continue those operations for years to come.”

One of the key improvements was to the fleet of snowplows. The city has been upgrading to be newer and more effective. Currently, the oldest plow in their fleet is only eight years old.

The City’s Chief Operating Officer Corey Dunham said having newer vehicles is a huge help, especially as they experience staffing shortages with drivers and mechanics.

“These vehicles that are new are able to perform better,” said Dunham. “They are efficient, they are not so heavy on resources and so that is our hope that by having a much newer fleet the demand on our mechanics will be a lot less.”

The city is currently short a handful of drivers and even more mechanics.

“We are probably more into the double digits in terms of mechanics,” continued Dunham. “Just because, especially in the winter, we need mechanics that are going to be working overnight as well as during the days.”

“Mechanics are in high demand, and that is the same for us as well but what we have done is working with our partners in labor to increase the pay so we can be more competitive with mechanics and we are seeing results with that,” Dunham added.