City of Syracuse mayoral candidates make final push to voters ahead of Election Day

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– With the finish line just days away all three candidates vying for the City of Syracuse mayoral seat made their final push to voters on Sunday.

Incumbent Mayor Ben Walsh spent the day attending meet and greets with his constituents before taking a break to go trick-or-treating with his kids.

“One of the great things about elections is it forces you to be accountable and to be held accountable and so I try to embrace that and make myself available to meet people where they are,” Mayor Walsh said.

As for Democratic challenger Khalid Bey, he hit the streets with his team going door to door. 

“To stay right at the front of people’s minds by passing them a piece of lit[erature] and having a conversation with them, calling them on the phone, anything we have to do to remain present and hopefully we get their support,” Bey said.

Republican challenger Janet Burman spent her weekend passing out Halloween candy to kids and talking with potential voters.

“It’s been so wonderful to feel the momentum building and more and more strangers contacting me to tell me they support my ideas and they agree with me in what we need to do for public safety so it’s very exciting,” Burman said. 

Now that early voting is officially over, each candidate shared a final message with voters before they head to the polls on Tuesday.

“My hope is that voters will agree with me will see that we have made progress, but again also agree that we have a lot of work to do. So I would be honored if they would give me the opportunity to continue to serve them for another four years.”

Mayor Ben Walsh, (I) City of Syracuse

“I honestly and obviously want you to vote for me but when you vote you know give consideration to the things that matter to you…what’s most important to us are the things that are in our immediate environment. If those things are important to you then I’m certainly your person.”

Khalid Bey, (D) Syracuse Mayoral Candidate

“I believe we can come up with a method for finally making an appreciable attack on poverty in our city and I’m hopeful for the future.”

Janet Burman, (R) Syracuse Mayoral Candidate

Voting is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, November 2 and you can head to your county Board of Elections website to find out your polling location. 

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