City of Syracuse opens online performance tracking to public

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The City of Syracuse is launching a new program Wednesday to keep the public informed of its new program to improve City services and accountability.

The new Performance Management Program uses a system of settings goals and reporting progress using data collected from several areas of City government.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh says, “We want to create a can-do culture.” 

The City is starting with four Objectives and Key Results like achieving fiscal sustainability.

The others include increased economic investment and neighborhood stability; quality constituent engagement and response and delivering city services effectively, efficiently and equitably.

The new dashboard provides a tremendous amount of data but also simplifies the objectives by using a color coding system.

“We have set it up in a way that sets the bar high and as we get close to that bar or we reach that bar we’re going to raise the bar.  We want the goals to get tougher and we want to continue to address new challenges,” Walsh tells NewsChannel 9.

Syracuse Codes Enforcement Director Ken Towsley says his office has been working to get building permits out quicker.

“To ensure that these developers that are walking into our city are getting a good experience to start off with and hopefully start their projects earlier,” he says.

Towsley says he’s also learned with this new program how departments can help each other.

“One of the things we’re working with DPW on is getting them tablets to deal with their potholes, to deal with real time compliance out in the field,” Towsley says.

They expect it will help with the City objective of fixing potholes within five days of when they’re reported.

Right now, according to the data, DPW is doing it at a 65 percent success rate.  The City wants to get that to a 95 percent success rate.

Walsh says, “No matter what job we do we are here to serve our constituents, serve the public.”

Click here to see the City Office of Accountability, Performance, and Innovation (api) Performance Management Program dashboard.

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