SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — After rolling out 6,800 new covered trash carts to 20 percent of households in Syracuse, the City of Syracuse wants your feedback.

The City of Syracuse says they are “excited for a cleaner city” but wants input in how they are doing since it’s been two months since the initial rollout of the new trash carts.

“The new system is reducing trash and litter that is blown around the city and lowering injuries to our sanitation workers. We’re all excited for a cleaner city and want your input on how we’re doing,” stated the City of Syracuse and Syracuse Cityline.

If you want to send feedback about the trash cart system, take the survey online or scan the QR code below to take the online survey on your smartphone.

Courtesy of SYRCityline

If you want to take the survey by phone, call the City of Syracuse at 315-448-8032 and leave them a message on how you think they are doing.