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City of Syracuse will help shovel 40 miles of sidewalk

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - For years, people in Syracuse have complained that the city doesn't properly handle sloppy sidewalks after fresh snowfall.

When Mayor Ben Walsh took office, one of his and his administration's highest priorities was to figure out a solution.

This winter, the City of Syracuse will help some of its residents get started shoveling, in areas the city has deemed high priorities. Data has helped the city determine 40 miles of sidewalks, over a stretch of 20 miles of roads, that will be shoveled.

Syracuse's Director of Operations, Corey Driscoll Dunham, says, these are "basically major roads, throughout the city and then also areas that not only have high pedestrian traffic and neighborhood destinations like drug stores, grocery stores, libraries, but also where there's more vehicular traffic, where it was more dangerous for people to be walking in the road."

The city is looking to hire private snow removal and maintenance companies to be dispatched after three to four inches of snowfall.

Their employees will then shovel one path through the snow on those sidewalks, to make it safely passable for people walking.

That doesn't mean homeowners and businesses along the network of roads don't have to shovel. They'll be responsible for widening the path done by the city, a path to their doorway and their own steps and driveways.

See the map below of the areas the city will help shovel. Mobile users, tap here. 

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