LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — All month long, NewsChannel 9 is shining a spotlight on Central New York students graduating at the top of their class. Tuesday’s top student is the valedictorian at Liverpool High School.

Balancing equations isn’t the only thing Timothy Omolino has had on his plate.

“My senior year has been just like balancing work and life and school and you know having a job, doing skiing just anything and being busy all the time,” says Omolino.

Add a pandemic into the mix, and things get even more challenging.

“Its been very busy, very chaotic. We’re kind of still weaning off of COVID and adjusting to life right now,” says Omolino.

All of that chaos eventually leading to a light at the end of the tunnel, and in Omolino’s case, a bright light he wasn’t exactly expecting – being named valedictorian!

“I was surprised. It wasn’t necessarily something I was like really looking forward to or trying to get but it was nice to see that all my hard work had kind of paid off,” says Omolino.

All of that hard work also earned him an acceptance letter to Niagra University, where he’ll spend the next four years studying computer science. But that wasn’t always his plan, as Omolino originally wanted to study math and stats analysis.

Omolino added, “This year I was taking a computer programming course and I’ve always been interested in computers and technology and as I kind of learned more about it I really decided that’s what I want to go into and learn.”

After graduation, Omolino hopes to land a job as a software engineer at a big company like Google or Netflix, and he’s hoping the job is remote, so he can take his work on the road with him while also traveling the world.

Omolino has a message for his classmates and those younger than him, and that’s to “take your time, take a deep breath and just enjoy life as it comes.”

From all of us here at NewsChannel 9, Congratulations Timothy Omolino!

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