For years, Cazenovia-based author and independent historian Jason Emerson has been focusing on the lesser-known things about America’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln

After a few years of work on his latest work, Emerson has finally released a book filled with poetry for, by and about Mary Todd Lincoln.

“It’s poetry. It’s history. It’s Mary’s biography, but really I think it’s a love story in a way,” Emerson shared.

“Lincolns Lover, Mary Lincoln in Poetry” includes several pieces by authors all sharing the first lady’s thoughts and experiences through verse over the past 170 years.

Poeticizing a letter from President Lincoln to Mary — Emerson shines a light on Lincoln’s tendency to use verse in much of his writing, including speeches.

“One reason I chose the title, ‘Lincoln’s Lover,’ is because we don’t think about Lincoln or Mary as lovers, or often, even as husband and wife because Lincoln was the war president and Mary was…she’s thought of kind of as an insane widow,” Emerson said. “I personally believe that they loved each other very much. I think they had a marriage with typical ups and downs, but I think they were perfect for each other.”

Emerson says the timing of his book’s release ties in nicely with Lincoln’s birthday on Feb. 12 and Valentine’s Day.

“It is Valentine’s Day and Lincoln did have a love,” Emerson said. “Mary was the greatest love of his life.”

To learn more about the book or Emerson’s other work, click here.