SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Kadesha Carter is stocking her latest confectionary venture at Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport — a vending machine with some of her signature baked goods.

“It’s so exciting just knowing that my cookies could be in Atlanta, they could be literally all over the world,” said Carter who is the owner of Cupcakes R Me Vending LLC. “It’s very, very exciting.”

It was delivered this week and travelers are already taking advantage. Carter said the airport reached out to her after learning about her first dessert vending machine inside an office building on Oak Street in Syracuse. The airport version offers a new twist.

“The airport wanted me to come up with something that was ready to eat, so if your plane got delayed, or you’re just sitting around, something you could eat right away,” Carter explained.

Sharpen your sweet tooth and indulge that craving with a brownie or cookie. And you don’t need to book a flight to try a treat. The vending machine is on the first floor, near the rental car offices.

“I love it. also, a benefit, because not everyone has access to go past TSA, people from the outside are able to come in and just buy without going through security,” Carter said.

It started as a crazy idea, but it’s taking off.

Carter is already thinking about where she would put her third vending machine. She said she would love to have it at the airport past the TSA checkpoint.