(WSYR-TV)– When Central New York Assemblyman Al Stirpe learned of the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down New York’s Conceal Carry Law Thursday he wasn’t surprised but rather disappointed. 

“It’s just a very unfortunate, nonsensical especially with all the statistics and data,” Assemblyman Stirpe said. 

His Democratic counterpart, Senator Rachel May called the decision misguided and dangerous in a statement reading in part: 

“… While Congress seems poised to pass a package of modest, common-sense gun safety reforms, six Supreme Court justices are taking it upon themselves to gut states’ rights to regulate guns. Make no mistake: New York’s gun permit law is a broadly popular, common-sense policy that has worked for more than a century. The Court’s majority wants to roll back a sound policy that makes our states healthier and safer. The State Senate, working with Governor Hochul and the Assembly, must come back into the session as soon as possible to reinforce the policies that help keep New York safe. I look forward to returning to Albany to update our laws now that we have seen this disgraceful decision.”  

Senator Rachel May, (D) 53rd District

But for Republican legislatures this ruling came as a victory, Assembly Minority Leader William Barclay released this statement: 

​​“Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is a victory for law-abiding gun owners in New York, upholding and protecting their constitutional rights. It’s unfortunate that Democrats in New York are using the false narrative that today’s ruling will lead to more guns on the streets and higher rates of violent crime in the state. The truth is, the state’s leaders should be looking for ways to bring people together, find common ground and stop enabling criminal behavior while punishing law-abiding citizens.”

Assemblyman William Barclay, (R) Minority Leader

His counterpart, Assemblyman John Lemondes agreed saying, “This Supreme Court ruling simply affirmed the Second Amendment rights and let New York State know that it went too far yet again.” 

Democrats are now worried this decision will lead to more guns on the street and an increase in violent crime.

“Unfortunately, all we ever hear about is law abiding citizens how much we’re harming them but all these people almost all these people who committed these mass shootings were law abiding citizens till they shot someone,”

Assemblyman Al Stirpe, (D) District 127

“I think that people if they go through the process which is very stringent here and they’re a legal gun owner these are not the people that are causing these horrific crimes they are always going to be criminals with weapons no matter what,” Assemblyman Lemondes said. 

As for the action the legislature plans to take, both assemblymen said they welcome a return to Albany in July for a special session. Assemblyman Stirpe said he’s advocating for laws that require a certain level of training be completed before a license is issued and an annual recertification process. As for Assemblyman Lemondes he believes there should be some restrictions on the right to conceal in certain public places such as churches.