CNY mom spends Mother’s Day at home after spending last year’s in NICU

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Last year, Central New York mom Katie Mack spent her first Mother’s Day in the Crouse NICU.

Her son, Tobin, born April 29, 2018, continued the fight for his life there for almost five months.

Katie held Tobin, her “mini miracle,” for the first time on her first Mother’s Day.

“He was 645 grams, which is roughly one pound, six ounces and 13 inches long,” Katie told us Tobin’s stats not long after they finally went home.

Now, Tobin weighs about 15 pounds. He just turned one and his next goal is to no longer need oxygen when sleeping at night. For several months, Tobin needed oxygen 24 hours a day.

Proving he’s stronger than anyone thinks — his superhero birthday party theme came as no surprise to family and friends — many of whom he was meeting for the first time.

Someone very close to him from the start — one of his Crouse NICU nurses, Mikki Wilczek.

“They are really amazing babies, all of them,” said Wilczek, who is now a nurse at Auburn Emergency Room. “They go through so much and you get to work with them and help them but they’re tough. I never realized how tough they were until I worked on the NICU.”

“He’s been fighting since he was inside of me,” Katie shared. “When he came out — he’s just been proving us wrong at every turn.”

Looking back, Katie says she feels comforted by all the support “Team Tobin” received.

In the past week — Tobin checked off his first-ever zoo visit. Looking ahead — more “firsts” — such as “mommy and me” swim classes.

Mother’s Day 2019 will be spent at home this year — a holiday Katie holds close to her heart.

“I’m so happy but it’s been a really long year and it all kind of doesn’t seem real,” Katie said. “Not to sound cheesy but I mean it’s just, it’s a dream come true. For a long time, we weren’t sure he was coming home.”

Tobin is home, but ready for more adventures including a “Tobin the Determined” team walking in the March for Dimes event this fall.

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