MANLIUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Halloween is behind us and that means you may be seeing a few holiday movies pop up on your TV. For the second year in a row, a couple from Central New York is the brains behind one of the latest Lifetime movies.

Juliet Giglio and Keith Giglio wrote “Christmas Reservations,” a holiday love story with a touch of Christmas comedy, a genre they’ve grown to love.

“We know it makes people happy during a stressful period. I mean Christmas isn’t always great, it can be trying,” said Juliet Giglio.

Keith adding onto that thought saying, “We don’t have to do it but we have to do it. If I don’t write, I’m not right.”

And they write together in the same Google doc. They’ve been a team for more than 20 years, meeting as students at NYU and carrying their careers to Los Angeles. They eventually returned to the Northeast.

“We always wanted to go back to teaching because we had great professors in our lives and wanted to get back and then suddenly, our writing career clicked back in,” Keith Giglio said.

The Giglio’s both teach screenwriting. Keith teaches at Newhouse and Juliet at SUNY Oswego. When they’re not in the classroom, they’re at home, coming up with their next movie.

“We recognize that this business, the business we’re in, is always a rollercoaster. And sometimes you’re just ascending up and you’re looking out and it’s beautiful and then two minutes later, you’re going down and you’re screaming and you just want to get off the ride. But we’ve been doing this ride for a long time now so you kind of get a little used to the bumps,” Keith said.

Their lastest Lifetime movie airs Saturday at 8 p.m. and then throughout the holiday season. Watching it back is a moment they won’t forget, seeing their vision come alive, and recognizing the personal touches they put into it.

The characters in “Christmas Reservations” went to Syracuse University and there’s a dog in the film that just so happens to have the same name as their furry friend, Teddy.

“You just have to keep doing it. It’s like anything else, I believe in the 10,000-hour thing, you get better. You read scripts, watch movies, watch tv, and just write,” Keith said.

The Giglios are already working on two Christmas movies for 2020. Last year, they co-wrote the Lifetime movie, “A Very Nutty Christmas.”

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