Color Me Badd’s Mark Calderon speaks out after being pushed by bandmate

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It’s been a few days since Color Me Badd’s concert at Del Lago Casino ended on a disturbing note.

Singer Bryan Abrams pushed his long-time bandmate Mark Calderon to the ground on stage causing him to hit some sound equipment.

Calderon tells NewsChannel 9 while he recovers from what feels like “whiplash” pain — he’s more concerned about his friend, Abrams.

Like any pre-show ritual for Color Me Badd — the reunited group gathered backstage at Del Lago to warm up. Calderon says Abrams assured him he was good to go.

Calderon described the night’s events as follows:

“We get up on stage and we get through the first song. I noticed he was stumbling through his lyrics,” Calderon explained. “He was out of key. He sounded terrible. I was thinking to myself, what was going to happen?”

Abrams left the stage by the second song, according to Calderon, who then continued on and sang Abrams song parts to keep the show going. What would happen next — Calderon says was shocking.

“Our last song, is ‘I Wanna Sex You Up.’ I sang that song and as I was saying, ‘goodbye,’ to the crowd, the audience…out of nowhere, he came and he blind-sided me and shoved me down to the ground,” Calderon shared. “I was confused. I didn’t even know how to respond. I couldn’t believe had just happened.”

Calderon says he left the casino in an ambulance and was later released suffering with back and neck pain. He says he will recover, but what he’s most concerned about is seeing his friend get help for what he calls ongoing issues that Abrams has been struggling with.

“We’ve had our arguments in the past like any other family but I never thought he would go this far…you know, in front of a live audience. He embarrassed the brand,” Calderon shared. “He embarrassed me.”

Calderon says fans have been reaching out to “show love” and make sure he is doing OK.

“It’s sad. The whole thing is really sad,” Calderon said. “I’ve told him on numerous of times to go get help. I just hope he finally does after this. It’s time.”

The band’s next scheduled appearance is at a casino in Shelbyville, Indiana, this Saturday. It’s unclear if Abrams will take part.

After the concert, Abrams was charged with attempted assault in the 3rd degree. He is due back in court on Aug. 28.

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