SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The City of Syracuse Common Council met Thursday morning to discuss a an agreement with the City, Onondaga County, and the City School District, to enter into a Work Letter Agreement to undertake the construction of a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) High School.

The STEAM school aims to give students other avenues from the typical education methods we have seen over the years.

Bruno Primerano, Director of Career and Technical Education in the city of Syracuse, said the school is taking the traditional classroom setting and giving students a way to apply it to their passions.

“What I see this doing differently is truly, truly integrating what math, English, science and social studies, all those traditional content areas that we expect students to know and master prior to graduation, and integrating those into what students really want to be engaged in.”

Primerano says giving students the knowledge they not only need, but want is what the high school experience should be all about.

“Not feeling like your high school experience is only at your high school,” he said, “But it really branches out to all these other areas and all these other campuses throughout the city, throughout the county, where they can go and learn and experience and have those work based learning experiences and take those experiences, those authentic experiences, those real life experiences.”

The work letter is yet to be signed but once done, they will begin construction to renovate the old Central High School building in downtown Syracuse. The school plans to begin its first academic year in September of 2025.