CAMDEN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- A fire at the Department of Public Works building in Camden, destroyed all the equipment inside, and now the community is coming together to help them.

Superintendent for the Camden Central School District, Ravo Root, said when he heard about the fire he was devastated. “Concerned about the safety and well being of all the employees and everything and once I was reassured that there was no human life that was involved, then I thought about the equipment and the snow that’s coming.”

Root said the village has helped them out with snow removal and other tasks that they needed done, so he feels like it’s their turn to step up. “What we’re offering in support of them is equipment so that sidewalks can be plowed, as well as if they need any help plowing their municipal parking lots, as well as small tools.” He said they lost all their small tools.

Root says it’s times like this that the community comes together and helps one another. Oneida County Executive, Anthony Picente, said the village is using some of their plows. He added, “Oneida County will do whatever it takes to help the Village of Camden maintain its services in wake of the devastating fire it experienced at its DPW garage. I have been in constant contact with Mayor Ballou and he knows all of our resources are available to him during their time of need.”