EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The wait at the gas pump was around 15 minutes at the BJs off Bridge Street Tuesday afternoon, where a gallon of gas is 27 cents cheaper than the Syracuse area average listed by AAA.

It costs $4.23 per gallon, but the rate is exclusive for BJs members.

The same is true at Costco in Camillus. Gas at $4.29 per gallon is only available for people who join the warehouse club.

For those considering joining either store, NewsChannel 9 is doing the math to determine if the regular discount on gas is with the annual fee.

Each car’s gas tank capacity varies by model, but using the medium-side 15 gallons as an example, a fill costs $67.50 on average in the Syracuse area. That’s based on AAA’s reading of $4.50 per gallon on average.

At BJs, the same 15-gallon full at $4.23 per gallon is $63.45, a nearly $4 dollar savings compared to the average. Joining costs $55 per year, so it takes 14 visits to the pump over the course of the year to break even

At Costco, the 15-gallon tank would cost $64.35, based on the $4.29 gallon rate. The $60 annual membership requires 20 visits to break even.

Because most drivers fill up at least every other week, a club membership seems worth the cost in the current climate.

General savings only increase by the other perks that come with memberships.