CoreLife Eatery is laying out plans to continue its aggressive expansion the remainder of this year and in 2018, including a much anticipated DeWitt opening in Spring of next year.

The restaurant chain founded in North Syracuse in the Spring of 2015 is opening new locations at a rate of about one every couple weeks.

By the end of 2017 they plan to have 23 locations in 8 states.

John Caveny, Co-Founder, CoreLife Eatery, tells NewsChannel 9, “You open a store and you get that response and you get people that are really, really happy that you’re there because that’s what they’ve been looking for.  And over and over that’s what we keep hearing everywhere we go is like oh we’ve been waiting for a place like this.”

With only the original North Syracuse location open for business in Central New York Caveny confirms plans to open one in DeWitt early next year. 

“I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen in the first quarter of next year. We definitely have the plans, we’re ready to do it,”  Caveny says.

He would not confirm an exact location as they continue to work with the Town of DeWitt.

Also in the plans for late 2018 is another Syracuse-area location somewhere in Fairmount.

Overall CoreLife plans about 40 additional stores by the end of 2018.

It includes 20 in New York State with one more planned in Rochester which already has three.

Also included in CoreLife’s plans two in the Hudson Valley area, three in Buffalo and three in the Albany area to help them get to their goal of opening 300 news stores within the next five years.

Caveny says, “I think we’re in a place right now where we’re really looking forward to the future but feel really blessed about the past.” 

While the Syracuse area waits for new stores he says the North Syracuse location will soon see online ordering with a special pickup window and the addition of plates to the menu options.