(WSYR-TV) — Love trying new types of alcoholic beverages? Cornell associate professor and food scientist, Sam Alcaine, created a hard seltzer brand from yogurt whey and coined the name Norwhey.

According to the website, Norwhey is naturally packed with electrolytes and vitamins including 400+ mg of calcium, 510+ mg of potassium, 215+ mg of phosphorus, 125+ mg of sodium, 35+ mg of magnesium, 1 mg of zinc, and 1.7 mg of vitamin B5.

Norwhey’s website also confirms that the beverage is naturally gluten-free and fermented to be lactose-free.

Cornell University CALS Professor, Sam Alcaine, creator of Norwhey. Credit: Ryan Young/Cornell University

“This brand is a triple threat: it’s an alcoholic beverage with a better nutritional profile, it’s made from material that would otherwise go to waste – and it could eventually act as a model for dairy farmers looking for additional revenue,” says Alcaine, who is an expert in fermentation and dairy microbiology. “This is an opportunity. We just have to make it taste good.”

The company explains the sustainable benefits of the beverage. Below is a statement from the website:

“For every cup of strained yogurt, like Icelandic and Greek, three to four cups of whey are lost. Norwhey works with companies to recapture each drop of mineral-and vitamin-rich whey and transform every bit of lactose responsibly into alcohol to create an easy-drinking, Nordic Seltzer. It’s sustainability you can enjoy.”

The website says you can purchase the beverage at your local Wegmans and beer store. Flavors include Mountain Berry, Glacial Ginger, and Solar Citrus.