AUBURN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Court documents detail what nurses discovered about Bryleigh Klino’s life after her death in February.

One nurse when she was preparing the teen’s body for the morgue, she observed Bryleigh was wearing a diaper saturated with bloody fluid. She says there were numerous ulcers on her buttocks as well as pins and screws protruding through the skin.

The documents explain Bryleigh was bedridden as a result of rett syndrome and other health issues, preventing her from caring from herself.

Both nurses and police addressed the teen’s condition with her mom, including the protruding rods.
A detective asked Jennifer Klino, “Have you ever reached out to try and get assistance for this?”
Jennifer klino answered, “No, I did not.”

According to Bryleigh’s obituary, she died at her home on February 25th.

Documents said there wasn’t adequate supervision provided on the morning she died.

In reference to a baby monitor, a detective asked Jennifer’s partner, Brian Burns, “Were you using it that night?”

Burns responded: “It wasn’t actually working that night because we forgot to change the battery in it.”

The investigation is still ongoing. Brittany Grome Antonacci, the acting Cayuga County District Attorney’s office said her office is awaiting the results of the full autopsy report. She said once the full report is received the case will be reassessed and they will determine whether additional charges are warranted and appropriate at that time.

Jennifer Klino and Brian Burns are due back in court on June 8th.

Jeffrey Pirozzolo, the Auburn Schools Superintendent said due to the pandemic and Bryleigh’s disability she was remote learning the last couple of years. When asked about her death said, “It’s just tragic what happened. We’re all heartbroken as a school community.”

The Office of Children and Family Services responded to NewsChannel 9 Tuesday with a statement:

OCFS cannot confirm or deny the existence of reports to the Statewide Central Register of Abuse and Maltreatment (SCR) due to confidentiality provisions in Social Services Law. Child deaths in New York State that allegedly result from abuse or maltreatment are reported to the Statewide Central Register (SCR) of Child Abuse and Maltreatment and investigated by the local department of social services (LDSS). The New York State Office of Children and Family Services is required by state law to review each fatality investigation.