A University of Rochester professor stands accused of drugging and raping a student in court papers filed by the former resident.

Dr. Johan Blickman is the subject of the lawsuit filed earlier this year by Katia Kaplan-List.

In the lawsuit, Kaplan-List says it all began when the doctor offered her the opportunity to join a research project in 2014. The student says she was invited to the professor’s home for a meeting. But the woman says during the “meeting” the professor drugged and then raped her.

The student claims Blickman also took pictures of her and threatened to use the pictures to “humiliate” her and “destroy her career” if she reported the incident. 

Kaplan-List also claims the doctor threatened to give her a failing grade on her rotations and to get her terminated from the program.

According to the court documents, after that, Kaplan-List says Blickman spoke with her boyfriend and admitted to the rape, but again repeated threats against her career. 

Kaplan-List says the doctor later met with her boyfriend again where the doctor said he wanted his ex-wife killed.

“I want the problem to go away permanently,” the doctor reportedly said about his ex-wife in court papers. “It is very easy. She rides her bicycle every morning without a helmet and takes the same course daily.”

In court papers, Kaplan-List says Blickman continued to use the photos to coerce her into subsequent sexual encounters — including at least one that occurred at Strong Memorial Hospital. 

Kaplan-List claims the doctor would make “bizarre requests” including “role-playing that she was a child patient and then molesting her, and having sexual contact with his dog.”

Kaplan-List says the doctor would continue to threaten to ruin her career and threatened to tell her boyfriend about the sexual encounters.

Even more disturbing, Kaplan-List claims Blickman had a “urological bacterial infection” while engaging in sexual behavior with her that she says threatened her health along with others around her.

The University of Rochester is also named in the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims Kaplan-List’s injuries are the result of their carelessness.

WROC-TV has reached out to Blickman and the school.

The lawsuit comes on the heels of the lawsuit filed last year by a group of UR professors claiming the school failed to act when dealing with another professor accused of harassment.