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Updated 4/9/21 at 9:22 a.m.

Vaccine appointments for Chenango County clinics can now be made online by visiting

FROM: Chenango County Health Department

DATE: 4/1/2021


The Easter Holiday is upon us. COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are high across the United States. Positive COVID-19 case numbers in Chenango County have also been increasing. Although the vaccine effort is picking up speed, most Americans have not been fully immunized. This has led to concern that the huge spike in cases that followed Thanksgiving could repeat itself after the spring holidays because people are being more relaxed about gatherings or wearing a mask. We must not let our guard down.

To decrease your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you do not gather with people who do not live with you. Attending events and gatherings increases your risk of getting and spreading COVID-19. It is still VERY IMPORTANT to continue following public health advice, like wearing masks and social distancing, to curb the virus’s spread. Here is more advice to follow for the Easter Holiday:

v Keep Social Distancing – Keep your circle of contacts small, even during the holidays. When you are around others, stay 6 feet apart and wear a mask.

v Stay Home if You Are Sick – If you are sick, do not go to work or school. Get tested and isolate until you know your results. If you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, stay home and away from others.

v Take Caution with People At-Risk – Avoid exposing the elderly and people with underlying health conditions to the virus.

v GET VACCINATED as soon as you have the chance to do so. All COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States have been shown to be highly effective at preventing COVID-19. If you have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19, the CDC recommends that you continue to avoid social gatherings with anyone outside your household who has also not been vaccinated. The CDC has released a new set of guidelines for fully vaccinated people that allow for indoor and mask-free socializing in certain scenarios.

Here are the current recommendations for social gatherings in New York State:

Social Gatherings: Previously limited to no more than 10 people, effective March 22, 2021, gatherings statewide at private residences will be limited to 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. As of March 22, 2021, social gatherings in public spaces, previously limited to 50 people, will be limited to 100 people indoors and 200 people outdoors. If you choose to get together with people you do not live with, remember that small gatherings are safer and vaccinated groups are safer.

Masks & Face Coverings: Individuals must wear face coverings when they are in a public and are within six feet of distance from other individuals; or in a situation or setting where they are unable to maintain six feet of distance from other individuals; or in a public or private transportation for-hire vehicle.

Please continue to be safe. We must work together to stop the spread of COVID-19. We appreciate the sacrifices that our families and residents are making for the greater good of the community.

Thank You

Daily COVID-19 Numbers are sent out to the local media and posted on our Facebook page. Vaccine updates are posted every Tuesday.

We are pleased to announce that links to register for COVID-19 vaccine appointments are now on our website each week.

Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements in New York State are welcome to register. Appointments are mandatory and no walk-ins will be allowed. Our clinics are located at the Old Label Shopper store in the South Plaza in Norwich.

Persons with questions or requiring additional information may contact the Chenango County Health Department at (607) 337-1660.


Help our community by following recommendations to control the spread of coronavirus and get vaccinated when you are eligible.

Chenango County residents have done a great service to our community by following the evolving recommendations, new guidance and changing regulations to decrease the spread of Coronavirus. Your individual efforts are what determines how successful we are at reducing illness at a local level. Unfortunately, there are still new positive cases of COVID-19 in Chenango County each day. COVID-19 can have serious, life-threatening complications, and there is no way to know how the virus will affect you. If you get sick, you can spread the disease to friends, family, and others around you. We must continue to take precautions while we vaccinate a larger number of individuals in our community.

If you are eligible, get ANY of the vaccines available to you as soon as you can. Vaccines will work with your immune system so it will be ready to fight the virus if you are exposed. The good news is that vaccine supply has greatly improved locally and there are MANY clinics to choose from. All of the COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States have been shown to be safe and highly effective at preventing COVID-19.

We want to stress the importance of continuing to social distance and limit gatherings while the vaccination process is taking place. Please give us time to vaccinate. Please continue to be diligent with social distancing, wearing masks/ face coverings in public, practicing good handwashing, and cleaning/ disinfecting techniques. Now that the weather is improving, spend more time outside and limit indoor gatherings. Get vaccinated. Stopping a pandemic requires using

ALL the tools we have available. It is important to continue to try our best to keep the case numbers low while we vaccinate more people.

Please be aware, stay informed, and to stay safe.

Thank you!

FROM: Chenango County Health Department Nursing Division

DATE: March 3, 2021


Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is an important step to help prevent getting sick from COVID-19. Risk of severe illness from COVID-19 increases with age. Therefore, the CDC recommends that adults 65 years and older are one of the first groups to receive COVID-19 vaccines. That said, it might take time before there is enough vaccine for everyone who wants to be vaccinated. It is important that seniors know what to do to access vaccine now and in the coming weeks.

The situation for adults 65 and older can be a challenging one. Many people in the 65 and older group have not yet sought out vaccine due to the many barriers that exist to vaccine access. The process of making an appointment to be vaccinated often takes substantial time, computer technology, and a willingness to use the internet or email. It also takes a rapid digital connection, the time to refresh the link to an appointment site or hold on the phone for long periods of time, the ability to travel to a vaccination site that may be far away, or the computer knowledge to navigate through websites, and medical screening questions. For some, this process is impossible without help.

If you have a parent or relative who is 65 and older, please offer to help them to get on a waiting list or help them to find a vaccine appointment on the computer if you are able. Once vaccine is received at the health department, an email link will go out to register for an appointment to be vaccinated – first come, first serve. Many pharmacies require an online registration to sign up for a vaccine appointment. Many seniors need help with this process.

The Chenango County Department of Health has been working with Bartle’s Pharmacy and the Chenango County Area Agency on Aging to help solve some of these issues that seniors are having with making vaccine appointments. We feel we must prioritize the needs of our seniors and do the best we can to improve access to vaccines for the 65 plus population.

According to Governor Cuomo’s guidance from March 1, 2021 the Local Health Departments MAY receive a week-to-week supplemental allocation to vaccinate the 65 plus population. Once vaccine supply is received things will move quickly. If you are already on our waiting list, please be patient and check your email and telephone messages often for further information. We will continue to do a vaccine update every Tuesday. It will be posted on Facebook, our website and sent out to local media outlets. We remain hopeful that increasing supplies of vaccine will be sent to us in the upcoming weeks and months.

Here are some resources for age 65 plus to be vaccinated:

NYS Am I eligible site:

Or call 1-833-NYS-4-VAX (1-833-697-4829)

Chenango County waitlist for those in 1A and 1B/ including age 65 Plus group:

Email name, D.O.B, address, phone number and eligibility criteria to Or call 337-1660 to go on our other waiting list for those without email/ internet or computers.

Bartle’s Pharmacy in Oxford NY: to be added to their waiting list email must be 65 plus, and include contact information

Veterans: Call Syracuse VA Medical Center hotline at 1-315-425-4488, Binghamton VA Clinic 670-772-9100 ext. 53126, or Chenango County Veterans Services at 607-337-1775

For UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital you may call 607-337-4888

For BASSETT you may call the information line at 605-547-5555

To view the Southern Tier Vaccinations locations (Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Delaware, Schuyler, Steuben, Tioga, and Tompkins: visit

Persons with questions or requiring additional information may contact the Chenango County Health Department at (607) 337-1660.


If you become sick with Influenza (flu), Coronavirus or other respiratory illness, it is important to know what to do to care for yourself at home. It is also important to know when the situation has become more serious, requiring you to seek medical attention. Many people with respiratory illnesses can manage their own symptoms and recover at home.

Here are a few important things you can do if you are sick:

  • Stay Home. Do not go to work sick prevent spreading illness to others.
  • If you have a fever stay home. You should monitor your temperature and stay home at least 24 hours after your fever is gone without the use of fever reducing medications, or after your symptoms have improved (4-5 days after flu symptoms have started). Talk to your doctor about recommendations for getting a COVID-19 test.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for a least 20 seconds or clean you hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with contains at least 60% alcohol. Wash your masks daily and cover coughs and sneezes. Clean household surfaces routinely.
  • Do not share personal items. Stay away from others best you can.
  • Get lots of rest. Getting plenty of sleep will help your body recover faster.
  • Hydrate. Push the fluids best you can so you do not become dehydrated.
  • Seek medical attention if you have any of the following emergency warning signs or symptoms: trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in your chest, confusion or inability to arouse from sleep, bluish lips or face.
  • Call 911 if you have trouble breathing. If you are feeling shortness of breath while at rest, it is a sign that you need help.

For more information and guidance please visit:

A letter to residents from the Chenango County Health Department‘s Nursing Division (12/30/20)

As case numbers continue to rise, we would like to provide some information that will help slow disease transmission, calm some individual fears and ease some undue burden on our contact tracing team.

  • Anyone who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 is asked to immediately self-isolate and be tested. Testing sites near you may be found: Find a Test Site Near You | Department of Health (
  • Anyone who is tested because they are symptomatic must self-isolate until test results are returned.
  • If a person tests positive, even if asymptomatic, they must continue or immediately begin self-isolation.
  • Our office does not receive results in real time and due to the surge in cases it may be 24-48 hours before you hear from our team. If it has been over 48hrs since you received your results and you have not been contacted please call 607-337-1660.
  • The recent surge in cases as well as an increase in contacts per case has slowed the contact tracing process.  If you believe you are a contact to a known positive, please begin self-quarantine. It may take time for virtual contact tracers to reach you if there is a surge of positive cases. It is important that contacts answer calls and return messages. Contacts that take multiple attempts to reach, increase risk and decrease capacity.
  • If you were not identified by the positive individual as a contact or if you have not had direct contact when the positive case was symptomatic, then you may not be contacted.

Additional information may be found at:

Click the image above for a guide to the coronavirus vaccine

Click here for more information on the vaccine from Chenango County’s Health Department

Click here to see if there’s been a recent public exposure to COVID-19 near you.

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