The opening of the new Marriott Syracuse Downtown is still a few months away, but crews are working quickly to finish this massive restoration project.

Workers are buzzing all over the grand lobby to painstakingly restore all those magnificent elements of the old Hotel Syracuse for the new Marriott.

Before the restoration though there’s been a good deal of what you could call archeology there with the uncovering of several hidden gems.

Katerina Spilo, the Lead Artist and Decorator for John Tiedemann, Inc, says, “You get to see what’s under all the layers and bring it back to life.”

Spilo is in charge of reviving everything from the columns she’s finishing with a faux scagliola finish to resemble the original look, to restoring faux wood elements of the original ceiling.

“There were these murals, decorative murals that you see behind me, in the coffers that were all just brown and they looked like, ‘Meh,’ and once I cleaned them we got to the colors underneath and there’s real artistry there. That was a wow moment. That was awesome.” Spilo says.

Nothing will likely stand out more than the giant mural painted in 1949 depicting a history of Syracuse.

It was covered by mirrors above the registration desk for years.

With incredible care and precision this spectacular piece of artwork is being restored to its original grandeur.

Marek Mularski is restoring the mural and tells NewsChannel 9, “I will touch up what I fix and cover my touch ups, I will put new varnish.”

Work is also going on in all other areas of the hotel with a goal of opening for the first guests this summer.