SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR) — The Onondaga County Executive hopes naysayers of his proposal to build an Aquarium in Syracuse’s Inner Harbor will look to the Amphitheater as a successful model.

Thursday, McMahon announced all the money Onondaga County upfronted to pay to begin Amphitheater operations will be paid off.

The debt for construction costs is taken care of by Onondaga County’s share of payments from a deal with the Oneida Indian Nation.

McMahon said, “They questioned whether the Amphitheater would be a drain on the county budget year over year. These were all the cynics. I’m happy to say all the cynics were completely wrong.”

McMahon says the Amphitheater’s self-sustaining and money-making model can be replicated with the Aquarium, which has met opposition in the Onondaga County Legislature.

“We have some of the same naysayers saying the same things about other projects on this lake,” said McMahon. “Why would we build an aquarium on the lake? Can it work?” He answered his own question: “We have the model right here to prove that it will work.”