TOWN OF VAN BUREN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation tells NewsChannel 9 its law enforcement division is investigating the death of a goose on the lawn outside a sports bar and ice cream stand.

The complaint was made by a woman who claims she saw it happen while outside Little Jammers Ice Cream on Walters Road in the Lakeland area, part of the Little Jammers Sports Bar and Restaurant complex.

The witness, Kristen Wyskida, writes on Facebook, “Eating ice cream on the patio and watching the owner intentionally drive his vehicle two times through a flock of geese, hitting one so we could watch it painfully and slowly die.”

The woman’s post was shared hundreds of times on Facebook and spurred hundreds of comments from people upset about the bird’s death.

In an interview with NewsChannel 9, Wyskida said, “I’m a nurse. I don’t like seeing anything in pain and just watching an animal die while eating my ice cream… that’s not how I envisioned spending the evening.”

The bird’s remains, and tire tracks imprinted in the lawn, could still be seen Monday, four days after the incident.

The DEC says all Canadian geese are protected by Federal and State laws. It is illegal to hunt or kill them, punishable by tickets or fines.

The owner of Jammers has not responded to NewsChannel 9’s emails and messages.