Next Tuesday, Anthony Saccone will stand before an Onondaga County Court Judge, who will decide whether Saccone gets out of his guilty plea and the 10 to 30 years he agreed to in July.

Saccone admitted to driving drunk in February, resulting in a crash that killed a group of three friends not far from Onondaga Community College.

Last month, Saccone asked to withdraw it, claiming he was only presented the offer the night before he accepted it and didn’t get enough time to discuss it with his attorney.

Syracuse defense attorney Nick DeMartino, who isn’t connected to Saccone’s case, said, “I’ve been doing this for 32 years and I can’t recall a case I’ve ever had where a client or a defendant wanted to withdraw a plea and the person was allowed to.” 

DeMartino himself has argued cases before Judge Matt Doran. He says: “he’s as thorough a judge as you’ll find.”

Doran made sure Saccone accepted his deal without hesitation, which Saccone now says he had.

Next Tuesday, both Saccone’s attorney and the district attorney will argue their sides before the judge makes a decision.