PULASKI, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — HealthWay of Pulaski is finding it’s air purification systems in high demand at the epicenter of the coronavirus in China.

The company is a global leader in air quality solutions with a strong presence in China already, but demand is spiking for their Intellipure line now because of the health crisis there.

“First what a tragedy, it’s impacting several countries around the world,” Intellipure Global President Vinny Lobdell tells NewsChannel 9.

Four hospitals in Wuhan, China have taken all the inventory of air purifiers it can get from the Pulaski company.

“We’re not saying it cures coronavirus, what you’d like to do is scrub the air as much as possible to prevent any kind of cross contamination,” Lobdell explains

He says the Intellipure systems have been proven to filter out the smallest of air contaminants, and given the size of coronavirus particulates it absolutely can capture them.

It’s a demand the company wasn’t expecting and one they’re trying to keep up with.

“It’s a matter of not only keeping up with all these increase in orders but we also have our distributors and dealers in markets that have always been continuing to sell these that are still in need of the products and now their markets are starting to pick up as well because of all of this,” Intellipure Sales Manager Jason Francher said.

But he says the one thing they won’t sacrifice is the quality of their machines.

“We’re still individually testing, certifying, making sure that the products we’re sending out there to take care of these issues are doing what we saying they’re able to do,” said Francher.

There has been another unexpected impact on the company because of the coronavirus.

“We’re bringing in a motor from china for these products because we can’t find an alternative here and right now we can’t get that product because of coronavirus,” said Lobdell. “All the factories are shut down.”

He’s hopeful next week to start getting these motors again in Pulaski so they can continue to respond to the still growing global demand for their machines.

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