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Dennis Coal and Stove Co. customers searching for answers

Coal company abruptly closes, customers left without coal and prepaid money

FABIUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - More customers of the Dennis Coal and Stove Co. in Fabius are angry with the company's sudden closure.

NewsChannel 9 has heard from several people who pre-paid for coal this season from this company and not received it and gotten no refund.

Dennis Coal and Stove Co. had been in business for nearly 40 years but signs on the windows of their Fabius shop say 'Closed for Business'.

Phone calls go unanswered and the company's website has been taken down.

Judy Leonard has been a Dennis Coal customer for several years but is looking for the 12 tons of coal to be delivered or the $3,000 she pre-paid for it.

She tells NewsChannel 9, "Well we saw the not open for business on the doors and it was kinda like what's going on here, ya know."

Tom Zappala was a customer for about 5 years and has yet to get the 4 tons of coal he ordered back in June.

"I had no reason to suspect that something like this would happen, it's very disturbing because you expect people to be up front and honest with you," he tells NewsChannel 9.

Ken Griffin, owner of GTS Coal in Jamesville, has heard from Dennis Coal customers and is willing to supply them the coal their looking for, although he can't help with the money they're owed.

He says, "We've been here 10 years, we plan on being here, we've got plenty of coal." 

The Dennis Coal website has been taken down.

The Better Business Bureau has launched an investigation after being contacted by NewsChannel 9 about the situation with Dennis Coal and Stove Co.

The NYS Attorney General has also been notified by NewsChannel 9.

Click here if you'd like to register a complaint with the AG about Dennis Coal and Stove Co.

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