Density growing fast with products to help slow COVID-19 spread; Syracuse Tech Garden anchor set to expand manufacturing operation

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Business is booming for one of Downtown Syracuse’s tech companies, Density.

The anchor of Syracuse’s Tech Garden, Density in just the past four months of the pandemic has doubled its sales from all of last year.

The company has taken its autonomous people counting technology and adapted it to aid with the country’s reopening and to help keep the economy running safely.

“We don’t take pride in the fact that a pandemic is accelerating distribution. I think what we do take pride in is being able to offer some modicum of safety or hopefully reducing caseload,” says Density Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Farah.

Its newest product was launched just a couple of months ago, Safe by Density.

Farah tells NewsChannel 9, “I think I underestimated how many cases were the result of just the congestion inside standard physical labor.”

Safe lets you set your maximum capacity for any room, floor, or building and it automatically determines if there’s enough space for people to enter.

“There are break rooms and spaces all throughout a building that are regularly used and you have hundreds of workers using these spaces during their shifts or after their shifts,” Farah says.

He says Density is found everywhere from an Indiana meat packing plant to grocery stores, distribution centers, warehouses, and office buildings around the world.

“If the headcount inside of any particular space like a break room or cafeteria or confined space of any kind exceeds a certain amount, especially when you have multiple points of entry, you end up with the conditions for an unsafe environment,” Farah adds.

He adds that the whole idea behind Density is real-time, anonymous, highly accurate people counting systems that can be put above any point of entry.

“It’s less about trying to police people being too close. Instead, it’s about giving people information,” he tells NewsChannel 9.

Density is currently manufacturing its devices from the Syracuse Tech Garden, where it also has offices.

Farah says the company is growing so fast they’re ready to expand their manufacturing facility and will be hiring substantially over the next six to twelve months.

Click here to learn more about Density, and its newest product Safe.

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