SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Tech company Density plans to manufacture its newest product, ‘Open Area’, in Syracuse.

The company is expanding its manufacturing line at the Syracuse Tech Garden to be able to build its newest product.

Density was founded about seven years ago by a group of friends from CBA High School in Syracuse.

In that time the company has raised about $75 million in venture capital, some of which is used for the significant presence it has in Syracuse.

Density Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Farah said, “I’m extraordinarily proud that we’re doing it in our hometown. I think being able to make a business case for why we do that makes me feel substantially better.”

Farah says building in the United States, specifically Syracuse, as opposed to Asia, is not only cheaper and faster but gives them substantial quality control over their products.

“It affords us extraordinary leverage when we’re thinking about serving local and federal governments as customers because there’s no IP leakage and there is no concern over cyber-attacks because we control loading of software and loading of systems onto hardware,” he tells NewsChannel 9.

While ‘Open Area’ works well within the confines of COVID-19 protocols it has actually been in the works for two years.

“Open Area Measurement was designed not specifically to service a pandemic or to help solve or address a pandemic, it’s just coincidental that we believe it will help keep people safe,” Farah says.

The first products from Density are entry sensors that go above doors to track, anonymously, how many people are going in and out of a room and whether it’s safe to enter.

‘Open Area’ goes on a ceiling in a room, to anonymously and accurately count in real-time, using point cloud, to show who’s in a room and how it’s being used.

Farah tells NewsChannel 9, “A lot of customers want to use the technology to show real-time availability of desks, shared spaces. For instance, shared lounge space, shared seating and to make sure that you don’t have folks that are sitting directly next to one another in shared desks can be really useful when you’re talking about four million square feet of space and trying to understand what’s the exposure we have.”

‘Open Area’ is available starting now in limited quantity with large scale production starting early next year.

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