SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Seven illegal firearms were taken off the streets of Syracuse after deputies busted a ghost gun-making operation, Onondaga County’s sheriff and district attorney announced Friday, March 24.

39-year-old Hugh O’Donnell and 38-year-old Justin Elderbroom are charged with multiple felonies, including weapons and drug possessions, after being taken into custody Wednesday, March 22.

Deputies began their investigation after reports of stolen construction equipment and trailers, in one case filled with wheelchairs meant for people with special needs to play basketball.

Investigators found so much more, including drugs and a ghost gun-making supplies.

What police call “ghost guns” are gun pieces, legally shipped, but illegally assembled into functioning firearms with traceable serial numbers.

The Onondaga County District Attorney plans to notify the New York State Attorney General about the California company supplying the plastic pieces used in guns seized in this case, hoping a lawsuit will result in not happening again.

Both suspects were arraigned but are out of custody, because state law doesn’t allow their charges to come with bail.