SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The deputy who fired into a car of teenage burglary suspects, which killed two of them, shot the front windshield twice and the side window once, according to the Onondaga County District Attorney.

In an interview Wednesday, DA Bill Fitzpatrick tells NewsChannel 9 he’s been briefed on the investigation being conducted by the State Attorney General’s Office.

Sheriff Shelley said last week one of the killed teens was in the back seat, while another was the passenger. The third person, the driver, was not hit by gunfire and got away.

The investigation focuses on whether Deputy John Rosello’s shooting was justified.

Sheriff Toby Shelley said the deputy was acting in self defense. He reiterated support for the deputy this week after the Attorney General’s Office released surveillance footage showing the encounter.

NewsChannel 9 also confirmed Wednesday through sources close to the investigation that both suspects, 15-year-old Lueth Mo and 17-year-old Dhal Apet, died of gunshot wounds.

The two were later found involved in a crash.

While it was assumed by some, this was not explicitly confirmed by the sheriff last week.

Surveillance Footage of Shooting