DEWITT, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Mother’s Cupboard, the landmark diner at the intersection of James Street and Thompson Road, opened late Monday after workers found the building had been broken into and possibly burglarized.

A spokesperson for DeWitt Police confirms to NewsChannel 9 his officers responded to the diner Monday morning and have launched a burglary investigation.

The front vestibule door and window, the door from the vestibule into the diner and a back door had been found smashed, according to workers of the diner.

The owner tells NewsChannel 9 that nothing significant was taken because he doesn’t store anything of value or keep any significant sums of money in the diner. In all, it appears a few dollars worth of quarters were taken.

Employees say DeWitt Police were called to investigate Monday morning.

The diner opened not long after the glass was cleaned up and cardboard was put in place of the missing windows.

Mother’s Cupboard is beloved by locals and known by visitors. It was made famous by Travel Channel host Adam Richman on his show “Man vs. Food.”

An employee started a GoFundMe page to help the restaurant make repairs and install a video surveillance system to avoid future threats.