(WSYR-TV) — If leading a healthier lifestyle is on your list of resolutions this New Year, you’re not alone. But before you make any changes, start with a list.

“Start to take an inventory of things that you’re doing well and things that you might need to start working on or changing and that should be that focus,” says Emily Tills, a registered Dietitian.

Instead of diving into a new diet or making extreme changes, be realistic. Tills says its crucial to start your day with a proper, healthy breakfast.

“Its going to help to set up your energy, your focus and the rest of the day with your nutrition choices as well. So make sure that there is protein on your plate at breakfast time and also combine it with a carb as well,” says Tills.

Quiche with fruit or scrambled eggs paired with toast or cereal will give you a good balance.

“When you have carbs and protein you’re fuller for longer and you’re going to be more focused,” says Tills.

Don’t forget, lunch is important as well.

“Look for protein, carb and color. Especially at lunch and dinner time,” says Tills.

Tills added, “We’re really fueling up for that time between lunch and dinner. For most people this is about six hours.”

A sandwich with meat or adding a grain to a salad are great options. When it comes to dinner, Tills says your plate should include fish, lean cuts of beef, pork or tofu if you don’t eat meat. The side should include a cup of either vegetables or fruit.

“We don’t want to have a huge dinner and then try to go to bed in a couple hours or then sit down on the couch after you had this thousand calorie dinner. You’re not going to be using energy as well as you could be and probably not going to be feeling great either,” says Tills.

Getting enough sleep also plays a major role.

“There was a study that recently came out that showed if people are in bed for eight hours asleep or not they’re more likely to be successful with weight loss programs then if they’re out of bed sooner than that,” says Tills.

If you have a sweet tooth, Tills says that’s ok. But eat them in moderation.

Staying active is also crucial. But Tills says be realistic and don’t burn yourself out.