Onondaga County District Attorney reacts to release of sex offender and kidnapper: ‘This is the system we live in’

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A man convicted of rape and kidnapping who cut off his ankle bracelet while on parole is now out of prison.

Christopher Block was released from prison on Monday. In July 2019 while on parole for the first time, Block cut the ankle monitor he was supposed to wear and hid from police for two days in Skaneateles.

He was found near a golf course.

Christopher Block is now under parole supervision in Onondaga County. District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick was the prosecutor for Block’s rape and kidnapping case.

Fitzpatrick believes Block cannot be rehabilitated.

“How would you like to have a virus in your well? Or poison in your coffee? How would you like to have Christopher Block in your neighborhood? It is all the same to me,” Fitzpatrick said.

“There are just some people who are bad seeds. Whatever happened, they are not able to be rehabilitate. Block is not rehabilitatable. He was a terrible parolee, but they have basically maxed him out.”

Christopher Block served 34 years in prison. He was convicted of back in 1984. In January of that year, police arrested him for using a weapon in the rape and kidnapping of two women in their early 20s in the City of Syracuse.

Block said at the time, the three had been drinking, doing cocaine and that the women wanted to be tied up during sex, but a jury didn’t buy it. Block was convicted and sentenced later that year on back to back maximum sentences of 48 to 96 years in prison.

After finding out his fate in 1984, Block threatened the judge who sentenced him, saying, “What would you think if you went to jail and you were innocent? The judge is a dead man.”

Block was denied parole five times before being conditionally released, allowing him to serve the remainder of his sentence on parole.

Block was first released in May 2017, but it appears he was sent back to prison that November before being released once again last December, where he got the ankle bracelet.

“This is the system we live in. No matter how horrific the crime, eventually people are going to be paroled,” Fitzpatrick said.

Due his sex-offender status, Christopher Block will have to register with law-enforcement where he is living.

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