Empowering young women. That’s the goal of a two-day event in Syracuse that offers mentoring to students from struggling neighborhoods.

It’s part of the 13th annual Sisters Empowering Sisters conference.

More than one hundred female students from the city’s school district and community centers are invited to workshops throughout the weekend.

They’ll hear from women with diverse backgrounds, who overcame challenges to become successful.

Workshops offer mentoring, education and tools for finding a job.

“It’s about achieving some kind of objective and making positive choices and, if you need to in life, making a course correction. We all make mistakes. But it’s about what you do after you make those mistakes,” says Nicole Watkins, the President and Founder of Image Initiative Inc.

Newschannel 9’s Jennifer Sanders was Saturday’s keynote speaker. The theme this year is “We go High”, focusing on determination and courage.