(WSYR-TV) — With temperatures in the 80s and 90s, the pool is the place to be. For Mark Kane, it’s been a challenge.

“We actually delayed opening our pool this year for about a month,” Kane explained.

He said chlorine, both liquid and tablets, are not only harder to get, but cost more. For the tablets Kane said, “What used to be $20, $30 for a jug is now $100, $130, $140, $150.”

Kane switched his pool to liquid chlorine.

There are jumbo chlorine tablets available at Cannon Pools and Spas.

Cliff Malzman is the CEO of Cannon Pools and Spas. He said while there is a nationwide shortage, it hasn’t impacted his customers.

“It’s caused partly by a supply problem because the nation had most of its chlorine made at one particular plant in Louisana,” Malzman explained. “They were damaged by Hurricane Laura in 2021. They were supposed to be back online in 2022.”

Malzman said its been delayed until 2023. The other factor driving demand: more people bought pools during the pandemic. Malzman did say over the last several years more people with in-ground pools are going with saltwater.

“You can’t taste the salt in the water, but we do put a certain amount in the water, then there is a machine that comes with the pool that transforms that salt in the water into chlorine,” Malzman explained.

If you want to make the switch, he said it’s not hard to do.

“It’s a couple of thousand dollars, and then you never have to buy chlorine or chlorine shock ever again,” Malzman explained.

Mark Kane did get what he needs to open his pool, but he said, “You just have to time your cleaning and your maintenance around those local facilities.”

The Cass Park Pool in Ithaca will be closed at least three days this week but is planning to reopen Thursday, once it receives its chlorine shipment. The Burnet Park Pool in Syracuse reopened Saturday after two years. It is now a saltwater pool.