SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Carol Baldwin had a way with everyone she met.

“She was incredibly generous, she was incredibly kind,” said Patricia Numann, a retired surgeon and former director of the Breast Center at Upstate University Hospital. “She was very personable. She’s just a lovely, lovely woman.”

Numann considers Baldwin one of her best friends. Numann was the first female surgeon in Syracuse. Her work at the Breast Center is how the two met. Carol told her she wanted to start a fund.

“Her legacy will, in a million ways, be the scientists that have been able to develop their careers and get meaningful grants, meaningful support to find the cure for breast cancer,” Numann said.

Dr. Leszek Kotula, an Associate Professor of Urology and Upstate Medical University, is one of those researchers.

“In my case, I was able to use the funds from Breast Cancer foundation of Carol Baldwin to study the metastatic process to predict how, whether the primary tumors can metastasize,” Dr. Kotula explained.

Baldwin was known for her passion for research but also her compassion for people.

“Carol would visit these people. She would meet with them, she would talk with them. If you had the new diagnosis of breast cancer, particularly when she was younger and healthier, she’d come and she’d sit with you.”

Patricia Numann, former Director of the Breast Center at Upstate Medical University

Baldwin gave of herself in so many ways, leaving a lasting legacy.

According to the fund’s website the Baldwin Fund has provided more than 60 grants to support research programs, led by 45 primary investigators at Upstate Medical University since 2001.

Carol leaves behind her four sons Alec, Stephen, Billy and Daniel, and two daughters, Jane and Elizabeth, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren.