Dozens of tow trucks involved in procession on Interstate 690 Monday

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GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It’s been 15 years since a towing technician in his 40s was killed along Interstate 690 while helping a disabled vehicle on the side of the highway.

In honor of Marty Taylor, his family and other drivers led a procession Monday morning, many carrying the message, “Slow Down, Move Over” on their trucks.

“Every day, they risk their lives and they don’t have a chance to come home or, we want to make this law very very clear that you need to move over,” Chris Taylor, who planned the event in honor of his father.

Marty Taylor was a AAA tow truck operator who was helping someone along Interstate 690 15 years ago when he was struck and killed.

“He worked very hard, 80 hours a week. He would be out there to save anybody. Any day at a time, he would take the shirt off his back for anybody out there, just an overall great man,” Taylor said.

Several people showed up to support Monday’s gathering, sending a message, hoping other families won’t have to stand in the same shoes as the Taylor’s.

According to AAA of Western and Central New York, each year, 400 roadside workers are killed in the U.S. and though nearly every state has a move over law, those who are on the front lines say around 30 percent of people do not know these laws exist.

“Everybody has a family they need to go home to and we want to make sure that happens and do anything we possibly can to ensure that they make it home,” said Todd Inghram, Operations Manager for AAA of Western and Central New York.

In New York State, if drivers see any flashing lights, vests, or reflectors, you’re required to check traffic around you, slow down, and move over if it’s safe to do so. That applies to tow trucks, emergency vehicles, disables vehicles and more.

Drivers who are caught violating the move over law could face getting two points on their license and a minimum fine of $150 for the first offense.

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