Dramatic video helps grand jury justify Syracuse cop’s decision to shoot man who shot six-year-old nephew

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Not only did an Onondaga County Grand Jury rule to justify a Syracuse Police officer’s decision to shoot and kill an armed suspect on Fenton Street, the District Attorney credited Officer Matt Tynan and his colleagues with saving a little boy’s life.

Footage from the camera on the uniform of an officer behind Tynan show how when he went in looking for a six-year-old boy that had been shot, he was confronted by the boy’s uncle, who had just done the shooting.

That suspect, Miguel Russo, still had the gun in his hand. When he verbally threatened to use it against the officer, and changed hands with it, Officer Tynan fired his own weapon.

Russo was hit and knocked to the ground, but the gun, still in his hand, was moving around.

Finally, officers took the risk to grab the little boy and carry him to safety.

Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick says, “What you saw (in the video) is SPD’s finest. That situation could have been far more deadly than it was and I cannot comment enough on the bravery of Officer Tynan and his brother and sister officers who saved that little boy’s life.”

The DA’s office says the boy will survive, but doctors are still working to help him walk again.

The DA still doesn’t have an explanation for why Russo would shoot his nephew, but family members say the suspect was emotionally unstable in the days before. The DA couldn’t find any documented history of mental health problems.

Russo spent seven years in prison, admitting to being a member of the Bricktown Gang.

WATCH: Extended video from police officer-worn camera that helped an Onondaga County Grand Jury justify Officer Matt Tynan’s decision to shoot Miguel Russo

(Editorial note: The video is dramatic and might be upsetting to some. NewsChannel 9 only made three edits, bleeping out swear words.)

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