Dreading the cold on Parade Day? Here’s another option!

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Businesses offering indoor options for the parade are gearing up for big crowds. At SKY Armory, they have all the fixings to make Saturday one giant, Irish party.

“The parade will be coming right by our windows and so we have two floors of festivities,” said Nicole Samolis, the President of SKY Armory.

But they might need a little more than they expected.

“Starting on Monday, it’s just been a very steady climb of ticket sales every day; we’ll probably double our figures,” said Samolis.

The forecast changing many Central New Yorkers parade-day plans, which has meant a big push in the kitchen.

“This is a very weather-dependent event, but our ticket sales doubled, and so we needed to double up on what we needed,” said Chris Kuhns, Executive Chef.

They still have some prep to go after calling it a night early, but they say they’re not worried, the luck of the Irish is on their side.

“We started early and we’re going to start early Saturday. The nice thing about Irish food is that it’s not ultra-complicated,” said Kuhns.

You can still get tickets to watch the parade from SKY Armory at the door. They are $10 for adults, $5 for kids.

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