(WSYR-TV) — One driver has been issued traffic tickets after hitting an emergency vehicle and two other vehicles on the shoulder of the roadway on Monday.

Around 6 p.m. on Monday, the DeWitt Police Department, Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office, DeWitt Fire Department and AMR Ambulance responded to a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 481 and Jamesville Road.

A New York State Department of Transportation H.E.L.P truck was helping a driver change a flat tire on the shoulder of the road when it was hit by a passing vehicle.

That vehicle was being driven by a 32-year-old male who failed to move over. The passing vehicle then hit the disabled van, which hit the NYS H.E.L.P truck driver.

The passing vehicle then hit another vehicle on the side of the roadway and sent it across traffic and down an embankment.

The truck driver sustained minor injuries from the accident. There were no major injuries due to the accident.

The Town of DeWitt Police Department said that this accident is a reminder of the importance to move over for all emergency vehicles when they are stopped with their emergency lights on.

The driver who caused the accident was issued traffic tickets for failure to move over for an emergency vehicle and for failure to maintain lane.