Dry day means lots of activity on CNY lawns drenched by rain this Spring

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MANLIUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) Many Central New Yorkers took advantage of a dry Wednesday to catch up on yard work.

The wet spring Upstate New York has been seeing the past several weeks has put both amateurs and pros behind on mowing lawns and landscaping.

The crews at Paradise Grounds in Manlius have about a hundred residential customers to take care of around the area.

“Some beautiful years we would have mowed the entire month of April and been on six mows by now, this is unprecedented,” says Julia Clarke, co-owner of Paradise Grounds.

The company has been taking care of lawns for about 25 years now.

Clarke says they’ve only gotten to each of their customers once this season before Wednesday.

“A lot of times what customers do see whether they’re doing it themselves or we’re doing it, you’re going to have mud tracks on your lawn.  First impression when you see that is my lawn’s torn up.  It’s not. The treads on the tires pull the mud up from underneath and place it on top of the grass, couple rains you’re good,” she tells NewsChannel 9.

Clarke says her crews will be out 12 hours on dry days right now but has some advice for people who do their own lawns.

“Slower on the turns because that’s where you will do some tearing and this is the first real day of sunshine if you don’t have to mow today, don’t.  If you got it done last week then you’re fine, let it dry out for a couple of days and then go mow,” she says.

Even though you’re probably dying by now to get that big wow factor from having nice fresh mulch out in your yard, Clarke says you’re not even close to behind the game.

She tells NewsChannel 9, “You want it in there to protect your plants during the hot dry season and so we’re good.”

Remember Clarke says, if you do your own lawn, safety first.

If you have any banks or hills probably best not to use a rider on them for fear of slipping or tearing up your lawn.

She recommends a string trimmer on these areas for now.

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