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EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Pillows aren’t something that comes to mind when you think about football, but they are for the East Syracuse Minoa varsity football team to help those who may be suffering.

Logan Lemelbaum is co-captain of the East Syracuse Minoa varsity football team. As leader, he took initiative to ask his team their thoughts on the idea to give back and the team gladly hopped on board.

Lemelbaum is also the son of Michaline Younis, founder and president of “Heal,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, awareness, and prevention of substance abuse and mental health.

From firsthand experience, Lemelbaum knows the devastating impact after his father, Erik Lemelbaum, passed away from a fentanyl overdose in 2016.

“It was a complete heartbreak to me and after I went through the grieving process, I really wanted to help people who also were going through the same things, but couldn’t really speak out because they were so hurt inside and that they couldn’t reach out to someone. And I wanted to be that person they could reach out to,” he said.

The pillows that were collected will be donated to Chadwick Residence, a residence facility that helps the homeless. Something very much needed where people hope to have a safe place to rest their head at night.

Becky Copp, one of the “team moms,” indicated that the main need was bedding.

“One of the main needs that they had started out this year was bedding for their rooms, to furnish the rooms for the homeless women and children that they support,” Copp said.

Lemelbaum is determined to spread awareness on drug and substance abuse.

“I want to spread the fact that it is an issue and that it doesn’t stop with one person, it affects everyone and it affected me in the worst way, and I just wish that never happens to anybody. So, I just want everyone to love each other for the time that they have,” Lemelbaum said.

The varsity team will be making its way to Chadwick Residence next weekend to drop off the rest of their donations.

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