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PHOENIX, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Erin Maxwell was always hungry – at times searching in the trash at school for food- and tragically, she was murdered 12 years ago.

Thursday would have been her 23rd birthday. An organization in her honor continues to combat childhood hunger in Erin’s hometown of Phoenix.

It’s been 12 years since the death of Erin. She was a young girl from Phoenix who was killed by her stepbrother.

Throughout her life, she went hungry, neglected by those who were supposed to care for her.

Erin’s memory lives on through Erin’s Angels.

“We service children in grades K through sixth who receive free and reduced lunch,” said Dion. “So, they get bags of food every Friday in their backpacks with food for the weekend.”

The program, which was started by Sheila Dion in 2017, helps more than 70 kids in the Phoenix district.

The pantry where donations are kept has its own place in the elementary school.

Ruth Stania brought school supplies as a gift. She got involved with Erin’s Angels to make sure no children would go without anything they need.

“If you ever think of children starving and not having enough food,” said Stania. “Here is a cause. It doesn’t take a lot to drop off something the kids can have as a snack food. Something they can have for the weekend to eat.”

By order of the town, February 20 will now by known as Erin Maxwell Day in Phoenix.

For more information on Erin’s Angels or how to help, click here.

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