ESF professor explains how tick tubes help protect your yard from Lyme Disease

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After a diagnosis of Lyme Disease three years ago, ESF entomologist Melissa Fierke went from studying bugs that kill trees to also studying ticks.

She is also teaching the Central New York community about tick tubes.

Tick tubes are cardboard tubes filled with insecticide-soaked cotton, which mice pick at and take back to their nests. The laced cotton doesn’t harm mammals, but kills the ticks that feast on mice, which is the biggest cause of Lyme Disease.

People living on the eastside of Syracuse have a chance to get free tick tubes Saturday. They’re being given away at the Westcott Community Center from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Organizers wil ask for your address, to ensure its for people living on the eastside of Syracuse.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was in Cortland County Friday to discuss the worry about ticks and Lyme Disease, which he says is of biggest concern in New York State.

Schumer is calling on the Centers for Disease Control to use some of its increase budget on educating people about ticks, developing a vaccine and cure for the disease.

Data from the New York Health Department shows Lyme cases Central New York during the eight-year period from 2008-2016 have increased over 600 percent when compared to the previous eight years. 


Cases 1999-2007

Cases 2008-2016

Cayuga County



Cortland County



Madison County



Onondaga County



Oswego County



Central New York Total



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