(WSYR-TV) — According to the Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picentre Jr., the release of an electric vehicle charging station dashboard was announced on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. This device will help people pinpoint electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout Oneida County.

“Our commitment to electric vehicles as a vital part of the future of transportation nationally, and as a key piece of our economy in this country and region with the arrival of Wolfspeed, takes another step forward today,” Picente said. “This tool takes out the guesswork of when and where residents and visitors are able to charge their vehicles. As EV support infrastructure is built out by government and private business a comprehensive inventory becomes essential.”

Picente says the specific dashboard is an ESRI ArcGIS platform with many features to help people locate and use electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. On the dashboard, there is a map with all the charging stations in Oneida County and includes information on the following:

  • Location
  • Charger type
  • Number of chargers at the location
  • Charger brand
  • Payment method
  • Connection type
  • Kilowatts
  • Hours of operation
  • Charger access
  • Accessible parking

Picente also says that the dashboard will include the total number of charging stations, the number of electric vehicles in Oneida County, which will be updated monthly, and a year-over-year comparison of registered EVs.

Whenever there is a new charging station in the area, local governments, businesses, and organizations can fill out a form from the dashboard and send it to the Oneida County Planning Department to add it to the dashboard.

“This dashboard will be a real-time tool for those who want to let us know where the new stations have been installed,” said Planning Commissioner James Genovese. “As we continue to build out our 5-year implementation plan for EV charging stations, this dashboard will serve as an online, real-time, inventory to assist us on where this infrastructure is and should be.”

This dashboard was part of the EV charging station community plan in Oneida County in May 2022. To view the dashboard, click here.